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No whingeing

Danny Heap writes: That's right, gentle reader, this is going to be a more relaxed, ergonomic kind of a reel life. One that you can relax into, like a warm bath, letting the soapy goodness of my filmic knowledge wash away the mundane grit of crappy cinema. (Click here for more)

Come the Millennium

Ali Kayn says: The end of the Millennium is nigh. Two thousand years by the current calendar, which when you consider how many times we've mucked around with the way we count time doesn't really mean anything. Bill Cosby made the point once in The Cosby Show: why do we make such a big deal of anniversaries just because they are divisible by five? (Click here for more)

49th Melbourne International Film Festival

Nicky Jenkins says: For the next eighteen days Melbourne will play host to over 300 international films, documentaries and multi-media interactives at four city venues, including the fabulous Art Deco Capitol Theatre in Swanston Street.
In addition to the usual feature films, shorts, animation and documentaries, this year showcases retrospectives of French film-maker Claire Denis and Spanish Surrealist Luis Bunuel, a regional focus on new French cinema and Japanese cinema and multi-media interactives. (Click here for more)

Who Will Play Fred C. Dobbs? (TM)

Danny Heap says: They're all but gone. And I miss them. For far too long we took them for granted and now we're paying the price. I'm talking about actors. (Click here for more)

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