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Missing the Hits

Ali Kayn says: One advantage of reviewing films (sorry, I use the terms interchangeably) is that one sees films that otherwise might be missed. A good example of this was hype! which I enjoyed so much that I went twice. If you miss this one at the theatres, get it from the video store. (Click here for more...)

Desperately Seeking Australian Movies

Terry Frost says: Some time in November, it came to my mind that most Australian film buffs are woefully ignorant on the subject of Australian film of the past. A lot of people think that things started here with Judy Davis and Gillian Armstrong. Popular culture encourages this kind of temporal myopia, so it isn't entirely your fault. Blame it on the boogie. (Click here for more...)

1998: The Year So Far

Luke Buckmaster says: I think the year has produced a great array of excellent films and only a minimal amount of bad ones. It's interesting to look at who has made the really great films and how much experience they have had. (Click here for more...)

Imagine no McDonalds (at Movie Development Meetings)

Ali Kayn says: Some Hollywood movie productions are preceded by development meetings where they literally discuss characters as potential toys for McDonalds et al, and for shop shelves. If a film maker has a story to tell, is putting in anything gratuitous going to make the message clearer or more confused -- less powerful? (Click here for more...)

Big Budget, Big Star, Big Movie Dumbness

Terry Frost says: I'd like to talk about dumbness in the movies. Not Jim Carrey/ Jeff Daniels dumbness but eight figure budget, big star, has its own shockwave web site, publicity budget equals the film production budget, featured tonight on Entertainment Tonight movie dumbness. (Click here for more...)

Star Wars Memories

Ali Kayn asks: There are certain pivotal experiences that link us, and we recognise these events by asking, "Do you remember where you were?". Star Wars became one of those events, albeit a long, drawn-out one. Do you remember your first Star Wars article? session? How many times did you see it? (Click here for more...)

The End of an Era

Loraine Smith writes: Maybe it would have been much easier on us had there not been the huge gap between the first and second sagas,.... My non-SW (Star Wars) friends have gradually accepted that I am a SW fan, pretty much because the saga has gone down in history as a classic. It's like being an Elvis fan, dated but OK if that's what you like. (Click here for more...)

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