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If It Aint Broke, Don't Fix It

Danny Heap says: I was watching a bit of television the other night and saw an advert for an upcoming screening of Casablanca. If you appreciate good cinema it's a must-see. Well scripted, well acted and beautifully shot. And that's the tragic part 'cause the one they were showing on telly had been colourised. (Click here for more...)

Hong Kong Hits Hollywood

Mark Morrison says: Fu followers know that Hong Kong cinema fires on more cylinders than its pale little Hollywood cousin will ever aspire to. The Hollywood money men know it too, and have been inviting HK's finest and fastest to come across to make movies in America.
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Oscar Rules

Ali Kayn writes: He's just a little golden eunuch, but he sure wields power. Festivale would like to congratulate all the nominees and winners, and all those strong-bladdered individuals who sat through the whole thing in the auditorium. (Click here for more...)


Terry Frost says: There are two schools of belief when it comes to films in the 1990s. One is that films are an art-form. Can't argue with that. At their best, they are an art-form - albeit a collaborative one that requires the efforts of anything from a dozen to thousands of people in some cases. You can make a movie by yourself - but whom would you thank at Oscar time?
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Film: It's just like real life only not

Ali Kayn says: Check out the end credits these days, and likely as not, there'll be someone listed as appearing as himself or herself. (Click here for more...)

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